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30 September, 2005

She was a good bike, a great bike in fact, but I've got to set her free. She's earned her medals, her wins, her greatness and now it's time for a new home.


29 September, 2005

leaving the mountains behind, day 3 on the road.
Notice my 1996 car of the year sticker in the window. Dope.

Not a good thing to see coming at you when you're driving.

Finally got home to the land of the rich and richer. Almost died in Sack 'o tomatoes though. Big thunderstorm with rain that caused chaos. A bolt of lightning slashes through the air right next to the highway. I mean, FLASH/BOOM in synchronicity. The hair on my arms stood up, it was taht close. Spooky. Anyway, chick driving Geo Metro (3 Cylinders and 1001 lbs) runs right and slams on the brakes in front of LARGE 18 wheeler (12 diesel cylinders and 25 tons). That's a bad combo. Truck dives right, locks up the rear brakes and starts to srape the guardrail. Through the haze of quick wipers and dumping rain I see Geo Metro brakelights coming at me fast. I stand on the brake but wet calipers/bad tires are not good for stopping quick, so I hit the gas, dive left and get past in a hurry. Sparks are flying off the gurdrail to my right, Geo Metros are swerving all over, the rain is coming down like I am in the Outback, there is no light because of this wrath of God cloud over my head and all I can think is: I drove the whole way across the country and I'm going to die in Sacramento..... what a bummer.
But I lived, so feck you Sacramento.

Any way saw some funny things but I can't figure out why blogger won't let me upload my images. Any suggestions?

ebay item: 7186269640

Bid on it and win a nice bike,make me richer, and the girl happier that there is one less bike!

23 September, 2005

Finally got a real meal of food in my belly this morning. Marco and I have this tendency to stop eating when we've stopped riding, Sean Kelly style. Went to First Watch and ate some pancakes, decided to leave tomorrow a.m. and head on my way West. I like Ohio though. I like that you can get a good job (50k a year) and afford to buy a house in a good neighborhood (4 bedrooms 1/4 acre: 170k). What's that like? We in Califonia pay way too much for way too little, in my humble opinion. What are we paying so much for? True, there are tech jobs all over the place yours for the taking ...What's that... No? oh,.. ok, so not many jobs. OK, uh, well there are a ton of manufacturing jobs to be had in Northern Cal and you can make a ton of money... What? No? Not really? Um...ok, well there are a ton of real estate jobs where you can make the money to buy a house and live and.... What, goddamn it? No? There is a real slowdown in housing sales you say? Oh... Well then there are a lot of really rich people in Nor Cal that are sustaining the money that flies through the air in ones and zeros and you can get real close to them at Gordon Bierch and hopfully get some crumbs off their table so you can live.
Ok, maybe a little extreme. I think it's the weather actually, because why else would you pay $250k for a gazebo that's built on a fault line?

22 September, 2005

Just woke up. Ouch. Had more than one, but less than three pitchers. Lodge Bar, Columbus, Ohio was next level last night. There was a wet t shirt contest and it got a little out of hand but I saw no boobs because I was the smallest guy there and everyone in front of me was bigger- corn fed types. Oh well, I went back to my beer and sipped the night away.

Oh yeah, some bartender girl asked me what I was doing there and I said drinking. She said, no, like, in C-bus. I said, visiting my boy here, pointed to Marco, and just getting home, eventually. Where's home? she asked. California, I replied. Like, no way, that's where I'm from! Where in California? she asked me. I told her, L.A., I'm a screenwriter.
Miller Lite is less filling and tastes great, but makes you a liar.

21 September, 2005

Woke up and put on the coffee. Put it the 'Entourage' DVD and laughed my ass off. A good morning all around.
There is a line that "E" says that sums up my fear: "I'm not going back to Queens, man."

I hope I never end up back there. For me: a place not quite the city and not quite the suburbs. A limbo draped in gold chains and bad accents.

20 September, 2005

Got into Ohio last night just in time for Fajitas at marecords' house. Yum. I made good time speeding my way across New Jersey (is there any other way) and Pennsylvania. I wanted to stop and check out the Amish, but there really is never enough time. I had to stop at the first rest/info area in Ohio as I was coming in on 80, not my standard route to marecords house. It had been a long time anyway, so I had to check the map, which was hard to do since it was against all my male genes and instincts. We males can just drive and drive until we either run out of gas or find an ocean.

I'm driving across the country (again times 3) to bring the wife her new older car. My good friend Darren J. was selling his car since he really didn't need it in the Lower East Side and I was happy to get it off his hands. Kat drives an old BMW 528e with 320,000 miles on her, so she's a bit crusty. Still works everyday, but I get worried. So, when D.J.'s car came available I jumped on the opportunity. Now Kat will be driving a 1996 Honda Civic HX that gets 38 miles to the gallon! I don't think that she'll let me put a carbon fiber wing on the trunk, but I'm sure as shit going to try.


this is too dope. My buddy sent this to me nad I think I may buy it.
what? you can't see me blazing out to Copperopolis in this?

18 September, 2005

In Queens, New York, at the parent's house- where the houses are all on top of one another like row houses in Manchester and there is not a single wireless connection to be found around here. Therefore: Queens is in the tech. stone age. I've been saying it for years, but this opinion is now confirmed by fact.
This is why I am a slacker, because the internet dial up connection here at the house is slow like snails in quicksand and I can deal with it about as well as W's daughters in A.A.

I grow more loony with each passing moment.

NY observation #1: Was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art the other day and I saw a lovely Diebenkorn painting in a stairwell. Rough crowd in New York, I'll tell 'ya! In a STAIRWELL!!! What the hell is that about. Who did little Richard D. piss off to deserve that? I wonder.....

NY obsevartion #2: There is now a "V" train that services the Lower East side and all it's outdoor cafes on Avenue A. Gentrification is inevitable and resistance to the allure of being a yuppie has never died. Where do all the artists go once the rents get up to $1500 for a studio apartment, like now?