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23 September, 2008

Its the off season!! YAY!!

16 September, 2008

I got me butt measured yesterday.

That's right, I said it- butt measured. It was on the Bontrager saddle thingy, that they most likely ripped off Specialized, that my sit bones dented some white gel like material (which really does look nasty) and the sliding plate indicates what size saddle is right for you.

My ass is apparently in dire need of a 143mm saddle, or thereabouts. I find this funny as I am riding a 125mm wide saddle (Selle San Marco Zoncolan) and find it to be quite comfy.

I'll have to see if I can get a wider saddle to fall off the truck to see if the saddle recommendation is on target.

14 September, 2008

I talked to a doctor the other day about the exquisite track hack I'd acquired and he told me that I'd most likely had an 'ozone burn' in my lungs!
Special what?
Yeah, so last week during old man semi fast track Nats the heat was so high that it pushed ozone levels up as well as the amount of particulates. That compounded the damage in my upper lungs since I was breathing so rapidly and so deep. Riding the T.P. caused me to cough non stop for about 4 days and am only now coming to grips. Annoying since it forced me to sit out Elite track Districts, but what can I do? If you can't breathe- you can't race.
I had some pics of the phlegm that was coming out of me, but that's really gross, no?

09 September, 2008

Finally completed the goal of the season- the team pursuit at Master's Track Nationals.
Time for much and many beers.

Dave Sommerville's wedding gift from his lovely wife, Lori.
Was fun to paint- Brooklyn in the hizzy!

04 September, 2008

Oh man, you want to see something sad?
Here is my lap times from my individual pursuit @ Old man semi fast Nationals:

Opening lap: 27.9 (all right, here we go!)
2: 22.6 (Shite, too hot!)
3: 23.3 (ouch)
4: 23.8 (ok, this hurts a little)
5: 24.5 (Oh, Jesus)
6: 24.5 (Oh, Mary!)
7: 24.9 (Oh, Joseph!!!)
8: 24.9 (Someone shoot me!)
9: 25.0 (Roll me over, I'm pedaling triangles)
Total: 3:41 +

That Godforsaken second lap! How many times am I going to go out that hot? Well, I guess this will be the last time. It only takes me 9 times for figure it out, I guess.
I'm an idiot.

Side note: the guy that won the race did a 3:33 and took 6 seconds off his winning time from last year- which he did @ T-Town! Interesting.... hmm......