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20 November, 2008

06 November, 2008

A new painting for Alison's father.
Oil on canvas, 18 x 26
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04 November, 2008

Good golly Miss Molly- I just rode the new electronic Dura Ace yesterday and it was FLAWLESS! So very pimp, smooth and remarkable. Even better- I rode it in the rain and it was working perfectly!
Small servo motors will move the chain up and down the cogset simply by pressing one of two buttons on the redesigned leverset. It took a bit to figure out which button did what, but once I did I was slapping them with abandon and the chain was all over the cogs without a single missed shift. I was blown away!
Even better is the front derailleur- I cannot describe how simple it is to use and it feels SO much smoother than the mechanical version- which as we know, is smooth as.
Wayne Stetina explained that it will actually wait for the shift to go when your legs are in the dead spot in your spin for a smoother shift and that the athlete will adjust to the correct timing of shifting within a week, but should you need to dump it into an easier gear- just push the button and the chain will find what your legs are capable of.
Simply incredible. I just wish I'd had my camera on me so I could post some pics- but alas, I don't have any. Know this- the whole gruppo is much more refined than the original spy pics and looks right off the production line. Very, very slick.
Campy, Sram- you've got some catching up to do and I've got to start saving my pennies!