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13 January, 2006

This is the "green man". You win him when you win the "morning ride". There are two different routes: Tuesdays ride finishes up after a steep little hill at a school sign sprint, and Thursday's ride finishes at the Fire Station sign, near the top of Portola Valley Road and Alpine Road. These rides start at 6:25am and are mostly ridden in the dark. It's just like the RAAM except with more people, HID lights, and more coffee. I won this guy and now I have major bragging rights over guys that are a lot older than I am. I do these rides on a piece of dry toast and a cup of coffee. If I get to have an evacuation before the ride I can ride for more, if not, then I have to high tail it back to the maison and fight the wife for the toilet.
I won on Tuesday and Thursday this week and I get to parade this little guy to all the bars I go to this weekend as well as the next "race simulation" we will do on Sunday. I'm thinking of painting him Lombardi Sports' colors just to piss off Le Matin's guys (another team around here). I'll take a pic if I do. Posted by Picasa

10 January, 2006

Flight to Luxembourg: 500 dollars.
Racing hard: 2500 calories.
Winning race in style: Respect and prize money.
Crashing after crossing finish line: Priceless

I am small, but I won the race. I guess training really does pay off. much props to K Miller F1 who attacked and set this all up in the last kilometer. He will win races this year, mark my words. Posted by Picasa

06 January, 2006

Here is me at San Francisco GP.
Nonbelievers are cacks. Posted by Picasa

Some cack recently told me that he didn't beleive that I raced for Mapei Hungary. Here is a picture of me in my dumb Mapei warmup suit in 85 degree heat because I was told that it would make me fast. With me is the team manager Ferry and the team car complete with Mapei decals. I was there, it was hard and I raced my brains out, more that I can say for you, you dumb Cat Nil. Posted by Picasa

Been doing a lot of training after we had those nasty storms that caused mudslides, rocks, and other detrius to fall all over the road and now it is on my bike. I may clean it tomorrow before I have to race on Sunday. Yes, I am racing in January. A leg up on the interval training will get me going faster later on in the year. Or that's the theory anyway. Posted by Picasa