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28 October, 2005

I recently became aware of Jelly Belly coming to some of our juniors that are on the Lombardi Sports team and offering them a jersey, shorts and a bike, no guarantee that they would ever go to a race and no stipend or money. Is this what a professional bicycle racer is now? Not paid? Asking an unproven 19 year old to come and be part of a team so the age limits are met (UCI TT3 rules) and your master's team can race is PATHETIC .

21 October, 2005

This is the kind of thing you can find at Walgreens at 10pm on a Thursday night when all you really wanted was your perscription.
You're forced to wander around the aisles while the pharmacy intern tried to find your Advair. You find this in the hair aisle and for some unknown reason you buy it. Probably because its made with placenta. Animal placenta extract. And now I own it. But I really don't know what I'm going to do with it. Posted by Picasa

20 October, 2005

Selling her car. sad, so sad to see her go, but she is a good car looking now for a new home. After 320 thousand miles she still hummers like a pron star.

14 October, 2005

Criterium Nationals was good time, as you can see from this pic of my fish and chips in the gutter. Posted by Picasa