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28 October, 2008

I really do love the election season, you get the best quotes. Here's one from Gollum, oh what, I can't call McCain that? Sheesh, my lawyer is yelling at me, but I'm going ahead anyway!

"Sen. Obama is running to be redistributor in chief, I'm running to be commander in chief," said McCain. "Sen. Obama is running to punish the successful, I'm running to make everyone successful." (from Yahoo news)

Ah yes, the Marxist Obama wishes to redistibute wealth via taxes and spend it on social programs, etc, etc. I respectfully ask though, what are taxes but a redistrubution of wealth into programs that the government sees fit, like bombers, black ops, missles, education, Supreme Court salaries, your own health care, Mr Gollum. Oh John, I guess you'd just like to do away with all taxes and just borrow the $$ from some other country and leave the market to figure it out-making everyone successful- just like now, right?

Well, guess what? Freedom isn't free- you've gotta pay some taxes.


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