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21 February, 2006

Just home from training camp with the boys up in Napa. Unreal riding and cold tempuratures made for cold hands burning legs. Fun to jam up a climb and get into the snow line, where the trees were shedding leftover snow from their branches. It was cool and I wish I still had my little camera so I could have snapped some photos. Hudizzle did though, and I will post as soon as I can.
Off to work, right after I switch my saddle...

17 February, 2006

Look who walked into the shop to buy a seat pack, CO2s, and a tube. You'd think a ProTour team would hook up their riders with some supplies. No, I'm not talking about those supplies...
Cool guy. Told me about the camels he saw in Quatar.

08 February, 2006

Unreal driving with a new M5!

Just got home from 4 hours on the bike and I somehow did close to 5,000 feet of climbing. I am tired and I have to work on Hudak's painting too. This will definetly hurt my brain.
Oh yeah, finally went out on the 'morning ride' this past Tuesday and I still have the green man in my possession. Candy and babies, candy and babies.

God, I need a new hobby.