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20 July, 2006

Ach- it's been 17 days since my last confession!
Sorry I've been such a slacker, but I had some internet issues at my host housing in Whitefish Bay, WI., so it's been rough. Been reading the paper though, and that sucks as well. Nothing at all makes me confident in my dear leader's actions over the last few years. And now he decides to use his veto power on a stem cell research bill. Perfect pandering to the religious right. Doesn't he know that most stem cells come from extra embryos created in fertility clinics, where they split hundreds off in the hope that one will actually make a child, and they have extras just sitting there, frozen.
I feel like such a moron to be led by a guy who had a C average in college.

Whatever, a little rant to start the day...

So I did National Championships and got 8th, which is a little disappointing, but my legs gave out in the last lap- then I drove back to Ohio, stayed the night and got drunk, then headed out with Derek Wilkerson to Wisconsin's Superweek, which is actually 20 days of racing, and have been here in Whitefish Bay since, well, a while now. We have awesome host housing and have gained a little weight from all the amazing food that they've been serving up. I'm back into it though and my head is screwed on right now and I hope to make a little cash in the remaining 4 races here.

03 July, 2006

Tour of Ohio update: I ended up second on the next day's stage that was in Hocking Hills and it was an effort. Got roped into leading it out and just got pipped at the line. Annoying. Adam got second on Thursday's stage and moved up on G.C., I got bumped out of the lead because I missed/let the break go and fell back to third overall.
Then on Friday I won the 20km TT and moved into second overall, and Adam retained 5th, I think.
The last day was a rough crit that was as tight as an F1 course and things didn't really change in the overall. I retained my 3rd place in the KOM by winning the only KOM points in the stage, and then got second at the line. It would've been nice to win, and I was thinking I could but I'd have crashed. Thornton and I were going so fast through the last two turns! Josh was leading by a bike legnth and he started to slide in the final turn; my rear wheel started to lose grip as well adn Ihad to back it off. Hairy! I straightened up the LeMond but Josh was too far up and easily beat me. Oh well, second place is where my home is lately.
I ended up second overall, with 2 wins and 2 podiums for the Tour. A good time!