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30 January, 2007

Lace makers move into G-strings- and good for Poland!

26 January, 2007

Can you find your car on this list?

19 January, 2007

I'm selling a crap load of C.V. Velde's old and new cycling gear right now on eBay. You can check it out here!
Help a brother earn a buck. C'mon, let your inner cycling geek go and stop fighting it- you know this stuff is dope!

17 January, 2007

I've got my buddy's V3 Razr up on eBay right now. It's immaculate and like new. Get yourself a new phone, cheap!

13 January, 2007

And now, for another update from the war on drugs....
Meth Coffee!
Yay, bike racers around the country rejoice!! Testing positive is such an annoyance, just ask Roid Landis!

07 January, 2007

Senna on the limit, with words to live by. He was the best, EVER!

Contrast and compare to Schumacher taking pole at Monaco!

B. Hudak and me at the top of Bear Creek Road on our way to skyline and over to Page Mill Rd. for a long, cold drop down into Palo Alto. Stickboy's camera on his phone is 2 megs! Radmobile. It was a chilly day for a ride, but spectacular! This is one very good reason why we pay the rent we do out here in California- the face that we can ride 5+ hours and get in 8000+ feet of climbing on a Saturday in January.

05 January, 2007