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25 June, 2008

California is burning, you think anyone will help?

20 June, 2008

Good gracious, it's hot here. Flaming, really.
It's causing my paint to dry uber quick and hopefully I can get this painting done by the time my client returns to NorCal.

I rode today, pre solar flare, and it was the last time I'll be on Mick's borrowed P3C tt bike until Nats. Probably not the best race preparation, but what can I do? My buddy Marco is getting married in Toronto and I'm in the wedding, so I've got to be there.
Hopefully I don't get too drunk in Toronto, or fall into a coma in an airport waiting for my connecting flight to KY., not that I've ever done that before or anything....

17 June, 2008

Timbuk2 Bag for sale

03 June, 2008

Note to self:
You want to lose weight?
Get a gum infection and then have a tooth removed and you'll lose at least 3 lbs.

I long for a burrito.

02 June, 2008

I can't explain how much pain I'm in.
There is nothing like a toothache- it consumes your head, thoughts and distracts you from thinking clearly. I realize that it is a bit trivial in comparison to other kinds of illness and afflictions, but I'm telling you- if you want answers from a terrorist- drill his teeth without novacaine and you'll get some answers quickly.
At least you would from me.
I go in last Monday because my right lower gum is swollen and sore, they put me on antibiotics (go figure) and give me a deep clean. The hygenist says that she's never seen anything like it before, which is really quite comforting. Two days later my upper left molar goes haywire and it feels like I've got a knife stuck in my mouth. I go back to the dentist, he takes an x ray and tells me that he thinks he should extract it and asks me what I think. I look at him for a second pondering all the wise ass cracks I could say (No, I'd much rather live in pain, and besides its MY tooth and you can't take it from me! God gave me this tooth and what God hath given, only God can taketh away! No wait, hold on, I need a second opinion, etc, etc- the thoughts were flowing but the tooth won), but I just agreed with him and told him the sooner the better.
He says, Ok we need to start you on antibiotics right away.
I say, I'm all ready ON antibiotics.
You are?
Yes, for my gum infection. Started them last Tuesday.
Dude, you have issues, he says.

I'm going to blow up his Lexus the first chance I get- right after he takes out this fecking tooth.