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23 October, 2006

I think it's time to start digging myself out of my rut. I've been piling on the yeast and calories non stop for about 3 weeks. The funny thing is that I'm well rested and riding all right for at least 3 hours, then I go to shite, but whatever...
I had to bail on 37straightdaysofracinginasia due to work commitments, and it was my boy Cliff who asked the question to set it straight: "Where will going to China get you?"
Good Christ, good thing he didn't ask me that when I was in art school. I'd have started working for UPS straight away.
Honestly though, at this time in my life, he had a very valid argument for not racing.

So here's the get out of my rut plan:

-Get up early.
-Get dry (harder than you think when you're Scottish and Irish).
-Get exercising (read-get on bike).
-Get smarter.
-Less TV (which I feel is tied into just above)
That last on may take some time, but being smarter takes time management, which I've let go to shite as well as my legs.

The super duper sassy wife just finished her half marathon and got a Tiffany necklace for her efforts! I'm starting to think my sport is retarded and her sport is coolPosted by Picasa

12 October, 2006

OK, so the boys (the smart ones, which there are a lot of here in the office) came up with a new name for the company. Ztail!

Here's the link: Ztail

Buy some things, we get data and then eventually we'll have an application that could change the way everyone sells things online. Wild stuff - which I'm just getting my head around, which is aloso my excuse for why I've had little time to update the 'ol blog. Sorry.
More to come, for sure.

Oh yeah, just got back from vegas and Mexico, and lived to tell the tale. Will you look at this mad crew. Oh boy, the Palms was SCARED!