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27 August, 2008

I got back from Hell A and got to work on a couple of projects, one of which I cannot show just yet, but this one was fun as:

Pimp my Skuut!

For those of you in the dark, a Skuut is a wee bike for wee people (not unlike umpalumpas) that tend to have balance issues. A Skuut will rectify that situation by allowing the wee person's wee feets to be touching the ground, therefore providing support.

My buddy Jordan wanted something special painted up and I was happy to provide the custom paint. Uber colorful for the wee person and it was fun to do. I wanted to make sure that you know it's made of wood so I taped the sides so I wouldn't get paint on them and allowed the natural pressed wood pattern to show. This Skuut is paintpimped to be one of a kind!

08 August, 2008

Young Daniel Tisdell atop the podium at Junior Road National Championships, 15-16 y.o. division. NICE!!
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Yeah, so here's my take on Farve coming to the Jets: Seriously, who gives a F*#K?
I thought this fool retired- what's the matter you can't commit? Owe $$ to the IRS? Going to run off with the nanny and have alimony payments planned? I mean, seriously?

It's so similar to the fools that race Pro 1,2 all year, then they realize that they'll never, ever win a National Championship at the Elite level, so why not do masters nationals? Weak.
Quick to dismiss master's racing as foolish, until they're going for a stars and bars jersey and I suppose any one will do, right?
Hmm... funny that. Did you plan it, or did it just happen because you got slower?

Anyway, back to Favre: SERIOUSLY? I saw you retire. Saw it on SportsCenter, now all I see is you in green, on my beloved SportsCenter (please get off, the news is old and boring, get back to BritneyGate). Don't try to be like Namath, please! You can't predict shite, much less a win, because you haven't planned anything- impulsive moves rarely bear any return.

05 August, 2008

Finally got a time done in the team pursuit and most of the training has gone well and the times were good. We made only a few mistakes that will hopefully be corrected in the coming weeks.

Look how good we look!

01 August, 2008

Oh boy, look what I've obtained- a Seigler super fast.
Now if I can only make it go fast- even better!
It's unreal how this thing feels at speed- 56kph behind the motor and nary a wiggle.

My new hero.

Young Charlie Avis, a last minute replacement on the National Team for the Tour of L'Abitibi goes to Canada (America's hat) throws down in the TT, wins it, rides uber smart and comes out of the Tour with the virtual same time as the winner- a tenth off the top step!
Not bad for a replacement.
The National Team may want to think long and hard for the future, because it's happening now.