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14 December, 2008

Wow, where has the time gone. December already, a few hundred reps done, klicks packed into the legs and still I feel like Elmer's glue sliding down a piece of felt paper.
Yesterday was another one of Yeah Yeah's death marches in the cold and wind: up King's, down a freshly paved Tunitas, down Rte 1, Pescadero Rd., up Haskins, up West, down Page Mill and straight to a hot shower- on two gels (its a bitch of a diet, honestly).
I wish I had an altimeter just for days like that one, but the laptop on my stem doesn't have one. It was a good day, though hampered by flats, etc. which was a little frustrating. It was cool to be riding with the future of cycling, though. A few of the team's juniors came out: Daniel, David B. and Charlie were putting in the time with us older guys. It's funny to me that some older Cat 1 racers get all insecure when racing with younger guys- giving them crap and the like (you know who you are) as if they wanted to keep the racing all to themselves. You really want to keep racing Pro, 1, 2 when you're 40? You weren't that good to begin with- which is why you're still racing in California. Exclusively. You don't and hardly ever travel now, so why not welcome your replacement, give him or her the advise you never got and elevate the sport? They will always be better than we were, and if they're not? Then the sport isn't evolving, and that's a serious issue.


Blogger -p said...

Really well said. I think the same thing about cycling gear. At some point, it makes sense to stop spending so much money on yourself and start spending it on a kid in your life. $4000 buys one serious race rig with all the trimmings or four road bikes for a junior. Then your love for the sport will live on long past the end of your racing career.



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