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28 November, 2006

Check it, it's a Meez me!

15 November, 2006

They're fixing up the restaurant next door and are using us for storage and sound bombardment. It's been quite fun listening to drills, sanders, nail guns and pounding all day long. I think that we're going to get some good meals out of it though, and drinks, especially drinks, are a good thing (to quote the Queen Alcoholic herself, Martha) for this crew. Supposedly it'll be a new take on French Meditteranian cuisine. Here's hoping for the best!

J.K spinning the future of the internet and it sounds oh, so sweet.

11 November, 2006

This is Ramesh, aka Meez, aka Meezy, aka Rameezy, aka The Mexican. He isn't Mexican, but we call him that because it's not P.C. to call someone who writes code a Net terrorist. As you can see Meez like his monitors, and laptops and his Full Throttle, tasty, ultra caffinated beverage, which he will start sipping right after he finishes a pot of coffee. While Al Gore may have invented the internet, The Mexican makes it much, much better. Just you wait...

08 November, 2006

06 November, 2006

Ah, that's right! You can read it, so I'm not ashamed to wear it.

05 November, 2006

Go Buckeyes! If you don't beat Michigan, Leigh's gonna hump Brutus again!
And that's just gross. Honestly, who humps a mascot? Posted by Picasa

You all should read my boy Joe's blog. He is the Ari of the Pacific Northwest bicycle racing scene and a funny old grump as well.
Read it!
He and I have similar tastes and he was once my road manager when I was in a really bad rock and roll pro cycling team. Please make sure you give him shite about not being married to his girl of a million years (they've been together for an eon, not that she's old...um...ok, you get it, I'll stop tapping away now)!

02 November, 2006

Check out the packaging for these confectionary treats! Crazy japanese stylie.
If you can guess how many of these I have eaten in the last week, I will send you a free gift in the mail (contest rules: gift will ship on Monday Nov. 6th @ 3 pm, so git yer guess in before then! closest to the true number eaten, wins).
I suggest you buy some and try them out. Then you may know the true power of the LifeSavers gummies.

Don't mess with Shamu!

01 November, 2006

I like this shirt. May have to get it.

My wife has this co-worker who has a most excellent blog, in fact it's the new awesome!

it's cool as- check it out.

So , this one time, down at bike race suffer school in El Salvador, I ate a whole box of samitas. They're like the El Salvadorian donut. Tasty.

That's right, you heard me, I was in El Salvador, where the natives called me "diablo blanco". As soon as I find out what that means, I'm sure I'm going to get ticked off.

viva el samitas!