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31 December, 2005

O.T.P. for my birthday, which was Nov. 23. Send me a dollar to help me pay for this bar bill. Posted by Picasa

can you find the disturbing things about this photo? Posted by Picasa

What? You didn't get a Ferrari for Christmas?
Damn, mine's PIMP! Posted by Picasa

29 December, 2005

Miller, Hoodeezy, and moi after some race in the middle of nowhere. Good times, good times...

So, I am tired of building bikes. The post-Chickmass rush has subsided and all I've been doing is building bikes for people to come in and buy. But, there are no people coming into the shop buying anything. Slow, slow, slow. Boring.
I am bored. Rather be painting. Rather be riding.

Oh well, credit cards are due, so what can you do?

28 December, 2005

Unreal christmas light video, sent to me by my old friend G. Avon via a holiday e mail. Haven't heard fromm him in over a year and he sends me this. Interesting.

23 December, 2005

A great radio station that J.G. Holmes told me about. Resposible for 50 bucks worth of ITunes downloads last month.
Listen live: here.

We finally sold her! 900 bucks!

Been working a lot at the shop.
Been building kid's bikes for a week now. Annoying. No matter how much LocTite you can use the bike will still come apart when he/she jumps it off the curbs/carport roof/ whatever. I hope to one day build another $10k Lance McArmstrong bike and laugh at the person who buys it. You think a fat cat that drives a Cadillac is going to notice the boron in the bottom bracket which apparantly makes this bike 15% stiffer? Either way, the shop sold one the other day, but I got no commission- so boo hoo for me!

11 December, 2005

Started training again. 10 hours this week, on the bike, in the sunshine and clouds and fresh air. It was hard and my back has much pain. I think my vertebrae are finally getting older than my brain denies. Time to call the doctor. I can still put out the watts, but just not in any kind of comfort. May have to really get to therapy.
My friend Erin, who works in PT, stuck her finger in my hip flexor and I thought I was going to leap off the floor and run away from the pain.
"Not any kind of good." She says.
"So...what now?" I ask.
"Get to my office and I'll get to testing and getting your stregnth back."
I used to think I was fiercely strong. Oh well.
I'll just deny it a little longer and keep racing around and around.

09 December, 2005

This would be nice hanging near my head at the shop.

This is funny as.