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31 December, 2006

This site is cool, but I had a thought the other morning, whilst sipping my black cup 'o joe- why not write or compile a cookbook for cyclists. I mean, I like riding (most days) and I like cooking (almost as much as I like eating) and most bike racers resign themselves to a burrito post race/ride/workout because it's easy. I understand the rationale, but why not quick recipes as well as the favorite recipes of some "pros" and some pros that I know. I use quotations, but that's another column- just bear with me.
I think that this could actually become something, and with all the home publishing done nowadays, it could become a real book sooner than I think. I'll have to poke around and get some of my favorite quick recipes on paper and send out some e-mails and see what kind of response I get.
Any favorites you'd like to share? You'll get full props, so give me your name or initials and who you learned it from (mom, g-ma, Gordon Ramsey, etc).Post them in the comment box or e-mail me a recipe (preferably one that takes 30-45 minutes from start to eating) to whydecaf@hotmail.com.
Please send out the link to this blog entry as well and let's get the ball rolling. Maybe I'll just end up publishing all the recipes I get here, but either way, let's share the knowledge of good, healthy, quickly-made food that'll make the legs turn the pedals faster!!!

29 December, 2006

28 December, 2006

One of my favorite links on the net.
This post is for you, Juozapas (that's Lithuanian for Joe Joe the monkey clown who lives in Seattle, and yes, that's a direct translation!)
My second favorite link- read and learn you heathen masses!!

I'd borrowed a PowerTap from my buddy Yeah Yeah the other month, just to see if I'm an idiot. And apparently, I am! Why, you ask? Well, look at this mess I'm supposed to read. Bleh!
When did riding become a science project?

From now on: I look at the clock on my way out and look at it when I get back. Easy, peasy, riding cheesy.

I'm selling this Chris King front 32 hole hub right now on eBay- it's HERE.
And be sure to check out all the other things I've got up for auction.

Oh, what!?!

Da Fightin' Oirish, I tell 'ya...!
Please don't get mad Marco, they were a gift.
please note the fightin' leprechaun and 'ND' badge on front laces. Too dope.

I feel like getting a Guinness right NOW!

26 December, 2006

Dope old school history video of Formula One at Monaco.
About 10 mins long, so block off some time.
Love the disco!!

20 December, 2006

Bets, of The New Awesome has made some macaroons for the holidays and I've eaten enough to choke a donkey.
DAMN are they good!!! With chocolate no less!!!

Holy Moley, time for a diet or something.

A slide show of some cool photos from the last couple of years.
Slide is COOL!

08 December, 2006


I'm confused.

04 December, 2006

On top of MonteBello mountain, after about an hour of climbing up the dirt trail from Steven's Canyon road. Hippstar, Gary, Holly and myself- 3+ hrs on a beautiful day.